Kindred of Mordred
Kindred of Mordred
Kindred Deux of Devon (Hib)
Kindred Tres of Devon (Mid)

For those interested in joining us, we do not "actively" recruit. We will require you group with us - a few times and with at least a few different guildies - to see if we like you and think you will "fit", and to see if you even want to. You are welcome to go to our Forums and post in our Friends of Kindred forum asking to be kept in mind for any Raids (let us know which you'd be interested in) or just that you'd like to group up (listing alts & levels guildies can find you on). Please Note: Most of us spend the majority of our time on 50's now - it may be easiest if you are at least level 40 and can group up with us for an ML or similar raid.

We are a Drama-Free guild (there is ENOUGH drama in region tyvm) and enjoy both pvp and pve together. On Mordred we often run in duos and trios unless we have a PvE raid, on Devon we try to run a full group - though rarely just 'all' guildies.

PvE you say? on Mordred? Yes, PvE, you know those ML things you can buy all 10 of sometime around RR7? We are impatient, we'll just do the ML's instead.. thanks. Arti's? same. Dragons? Bring on the LOOT! Though this is more commonly understood on Devon, we do the same things on both servers ;)

Guild "Rules"

  • No Grey Ganking! That said, if a grey hits you, s/he has just said "I'm fair game, and you can kill me if you wanna!". This does not mean you can kill said grey any time you cross their path - if they stop leaching you, then leave them be.
  • No Griefing! This doesn't mean you can not kill folks PvE'n, this IS the PvP server after all. It does mean that once you've taken their worth in a PvE area, MOVE ON. No matter how much you may detest someone, killing for worth = ok, killing until they give up on an encounter & log is not ok. (In PvP free-for-all zones.. Cots, Goth, Hesperos, etc - this does not apply, in those zones it is PvP free for all, kill or be killed - have fun!).
    • A sub note for No Griefing: Even in hot zones, try not to repeatedly kill green/blues unless they are actively targeting 50's or leaching. We all know it's not fun to find yourself suddenly conning green to 50 and to not even be able to walk through cots to find someone that cons close to you to fight due to repeated killings from the same person.
  • Mordred Only: All your alts are belong to us! (yes, couldn't help myself there). Due to the nature of playing on Mordred, if you join Kindred - your alts do to. While we may make certain exceptions to this rule - you MUST have GM approval of any alts in other guilds and your reasons for it. Not having approval from the GM's may/will result in account removal from Kindred. Devon Only: You are free to have alts in other guilds if that is your choice, with or without GM knowledge/approval.
  • Need Before Greed. If someone in guild needs a drop from a raid, for a planned template (and I do NOT mean "oh hey, I might be able to use that"), it goes to them. Our first priority is making the guild strong. That said, if no one has it planned in a template - it's land where it may (do whatever you want with it).
  • Mordred Only: Guild First. Do not tell non-guildies where we are/what we are doing - this is Mord after all. If you are grouped with non-guildies, let your guildies know with whom and let your group know 'hands off' (or better yet, form a bg).