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Serenitee's Crafting Search & Order Summary
  resounding thunder bolt  
Slot Used:Siege
Craft Line:Siegecraft
Skill Level:910
Type of Item:Ballista Ammunition
Effect Range:2500 / 200 Radius
Damage Type:Energy
Cast Time:2.0 sec
Power Cost:25
Item Notes:Casts a magical bold which quickly flies to the target and explodes, causing damage. It can be blocked.
This siege item will delves as a proc and Level 90.
Bonus Information:This item has no Bonus stats
Classes that use this item: Not Class Specific
Crafting Recipe
20mystic energy
10ironwood wooden boards
10dolomite/alloy metal bars
Cost to Make:2 Gold, 48 Silver, and 0 Copper
NPC Sellback Amount:1 Gold, 73 Silver, and 60 Copper
Crafted Picture
Crafted By: Serenitee