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Serenitee's Crafting Search & Order Summary
  fortified field palintone apparatus  
Slot Used:Siege
Craft Line:Siegecraft
Skill Level:540
Type of Item:Palintone Apparatus
Item Notes:This siege can be deployed at 155 siegecraft skill.
Bonus Information:This item has no Bonus stats
Classes that use this item: Not Class Specific
Crafting Recipe
43ironwood wooden boards
Player Made Items
(46g, 86s, and 72c for crafted components - included in price)
  • 1 fortified gimbal
  • 2 fortified long torsion cables
  • 1 fortified spring arm
  • 1 fortified palintone trigger
Cost to Make:49 Gold, 96 Silver, and 32 Copper
NPC Sellback Amount:47 Gold, 54 Silver, and 60 Copper
12-Jan-2012: Sellback amount has changed, and this item updated to reflect change.
Item pricing verified (not changed).

23-Oct-2009: This items pricing and sellback have been verified as correct.

Crafted Picture
Crafted By: Serenitee