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Serenitee's Crafting Search & Order Summary
Order Information
Customer Name Shinova
Crafter Name Syenna
Order Completed:19-Feb-2013
Order Number:Syenna1302192057
Costs Including Mark-Up
Cost Including Markup (% aka 1x Cost): 2 Platinum, 20 Gold, 96 Silver, and 8 Copper
Sellbacks Including Markup (% aka 1x Cost): (1 Platinum, 481 Gold, 76 Silver, and 54 Copper)
Patterns and Aurulite1 Platinum, 800 Gold, 0 Silver, and 0 Copper
Amount Due:2 Platinum, 339 Gold, 19 Silver, and 54 Copper
Pricing Information
Item Markup:%
Remakes Markup:%
Perfected Armor Pattern:24 used50 gold each
Dragonsworn Armor Pattern:12 used50 gold each
There are no notes for this Order.
Crafted Information
  • Arms: Cloth - 15 Constitution
  • Boots: Cloth - 15 Dexterity
  • Helm: Cloth - 15 Acuity
  • Legs: Cloth - 5% Power
Crafting Quality
Item NameItem QualityTotal Crafted
Dragonsworn Stitched Cloth Full Helm961
Dragonsworn Stitched Cloth Full Helm991
Dragonsworn Sewn Cloth Arms983
Dragonsworn Sewn Cloth Arms962
Dragonsworn Sewn Cloth Arms991
Sigil Stitched Cloth Pants965
Sigil Stitched Cloth Pants983
Sigil Stitched Cloth Pants973
Sigil Stitched Cloth Pants991
Dragonsworn Stitched Cloth Boots961
Dragonsworn Stitched Cloth Boots991
Total Items Successfully Crafted: 22