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Serenitee's Crafting Search & Order Summary
What Is This Place?
This website is for Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) Crafters and their Customers, and really anyone that templates. A search of all crafted armor and weapons providing all information from level to the recipe to create it, as well as pictures and costs. It is also an order parser for Crafters to quickly determine their pricing, with the ability to save the order and provide a link to their Customer so they know "where their money went". Cheesy? Perhaps. Helpful? I think so, and from the messages I get from others - I'm not in the minority.
How Do I Use It?
The search feature is standard - you narrow your search by using the buttons and drop down selections then click the submit. All items within the database matching your filtering terms will then be listed. If you would like further information on a specific item - click the link for that item.

You can search by, or narrow your search by, typing part of the items' name in the "Item Name" box (non-case sensitive) as well as using the pre-defined drop down boxes. With the level ranges, you can either do an actual range or, if you only want one level of items, place the level you wish in the "Level To" box.

Order Summary:
The Order Summary area of the site is for crafters that take orders for others. There are 4 parts to using the summary:

  1. When doing the actual crafting, log your crafting. Most will create a log for each order, for example in the "Customer" name. To do this, simply type /chatlog Name. This will place a file named "Name.log" in the same directory your screen shots are placed in.
  2. Open your log file, copy all contents and place it in the appropriate area of the Summary page, and complete the other information. You can choose to save this order to the database or not (if you are a member, logged in, and choose to save - the order will automatically be added to your control panel). Once the form is completed, submit.
  3. Upon submitting the form, you'll be taken to an intermediate page to confirm/make selections. Many items when crafting have the same name, sometimes within the craft and often between each realm. This step ensures the right item, level, and realm are used to calculate your pricing.
  4. View the results and access the link to provide your customer (if the order was saved and you are providing that information to them).

Customer View:
If you saved your Order Summary, whether member or not, you can give a link to your customer to view the order information. Some information (such as actual cost out of your pocket, Green Bar time and Private Notes) will not show on their view of the information.

If you are are not a member, make note of the Customer ID to provide your customer. The most recent 10 orders to have been saved will show on the View Order Information page, but once they have rolled off, you can only access via the OrderID.

If you are a member, and are logged in when you parse your order, the order will be saved in your members area as well as added to your tallies, averages, monthly totals and available within your searches for viewing, modification or deletion.

The members area is for those who would like a bit of order management. All parsed orders, while logged in, are saved and linked to your Username for future viewing, modifications, deletion. Monthly crafting totals, averages, counts are saved as well as overall information. Orders can be searched should you have reason do look up an older order.

How Did It Start?
A couple years ago, Motog had left game and was no longer going to maintain his crafting calculator. At that time, he asked on the VN tradeskill forums if any would like to takeover hosting his site, and possibly update it to include the new armors that Mythic had added to the game. Many crafters used his site (including me) and the thought of it "going by the wayside" saddened me, so I gladly stepped up and promised indefinite hosting for his work of art (as any good coding really is an artform in my eyes) and planned to update it as well.

Over the following year, I attempted to update his site to add the enhanced armor (and then Dragonsworn when it was brought into game) multiple times. Each time I made progress, I would then break something else - seemingly not connected. Javascript is not my forte.

While Motogs wasn't fully up-to-date, it was (and is) still a helpful tool for myself and many others. In the meantime I had written a parser to parse a log file of crafted, which I would use to count how many tries on an armor, then I would go to Motog's calculator and price out my order.

This site grew from the above. After awhile, I felt it was taking too much time to parse the order, then go to Motog's and add the order, then manually add on costs that weren't included due to my inability to update the calculator. At that time, I wrote the first version of Order Summary (and the customer view page). Crafting Customers liked the print out, I liked the speed of calculating my pricing for them. I cleaned up my pages to make it a bit more intuitive and let a few others start using it.

It then dawned on me, that not everyone would be crafting the same items I was, so to really make this useful - it needed all crafted items in the database, not just those I was frequently making. And if all crafted items were going to be in this database, I may as well add full information on each crafted item and updated screen shots. And if I have all this information in the database anyway, why not also create a search - similar to Allakhazam's, but for crafted items. And if I'm doing all of the above, already storing orders for the customer view, why not add a members area for those that would like information on their orders easily accessible as well as some tallies and ability to add a few notes to their order???

So basically, as usual, biting off more than I wish to chew.

These pages have grown quite a bit as has the database. I've tried to keep in mind any future updates Mythic may make and ease of updating should they do so. Thankfully, some other crafters stepped-up offering to work in their craft lines to add items into the database as well - ensuring that all information in the database was current. Many became my "Models" either with their own toons, or by rolling a toon (typically on pendragon) and patiently assisting me in taking screenshots so each item has its own pretty picture. A few became my testers, to find any potential issues in the coding, or let me know when certain things just weren't clear enough.

So - here it is, Enjoy! Comments & Suggestions are always welcome.

Privacy Policy
Any personal information collected from you will be used solely for the stated purpose. I do not like spam and unsolicited emails, therefore I will not create them.
When joining this site as a Member, your IP and provided information is stored. This information is not shared or sold, and would only be provided if legally compelled to do so. Upon signup, and later within the members area, you have the option to be a part of the Newsletter mailing list - you can change your subscription status at any time.

If you have successfully unsubscribed from the newsletter, your subscription status will be immediately updated. Backups of the database are maintained (in case of Website problems/disaster recovery), at least one local to me and those stored automatically with my host. Backups are only used to restore if needed (using most recent backup on host, or if that fails, my local copy) or a freshly taken backup when moving hosts or servers.

Error Reports/Comments
By submitting an Error report or a Comment/Suggestion, if your email is provided it will be used only to contact you about your submission. It is not stored on our site, nor will it add you to any list.
Order Summary
Using the Order Parser will store all order information, Crafter Name, Customer Name, markups, pricing, notes and similar. The complete log file is not stored, only the crafting information parsed from it. This order information will be posted on the site if the order is Saved, both publicly and within the Members area if you are a member logged in upon parsing.
Children's Privacy Policy
No personal information from anyone under the age of 13 is knowingly collected.