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From: TincutreDecember 28, 2022
yellow enamel picture isnt loading
Thanks Tinc! Fixed :)
From: StormbowJanuary 04, 2021
Omni-Regen is missing the 3 Ancient Troll Blood components too. I'm guessing much more is missing than just the previously-attempted-report of missing essences.
This is regarding the Alc Calc for live

Thanks Stormbow! You found an 'unintended design feature' (ok fine, a bug). An old bug :(

When recipes updated waaay back (5 years it seems!) to require more than 2 special items for some crafts (alc drops in this case), the alc-calc was not also updated to render that information in the final ingredient listing, but instead stopped at checking and showing after the first two. This is now fixed!

From: RidiculeOctober 23, 2014
Great that you are keeping this site up - I play on freeshard Genesis and most links don't work :/
You did not specify which links are not working, however the information at this time is Live Server specific. I may, in the future, add shards but would need crafters of the shards to assist in collecting the the needed information to do so.
From: breeirnib from the crusadersAugust 10, 2014
how do we get to the page with all the dyes showing up by googling i can get it but on your site can not figure it out
On the top of the screen are 2 menu bars - the last item on the 2nd bar is "Dyes, Enamels and Lusters" - hover over that, and the various dye pages will drop down to be selected. Internet Explorer may have issues with this due to the way Microsoft incorporates CSS but will drop down properly in Firefox and Chrome.
From: SabarrabApril 06, 2013
Was looking at the customer crafted armors and noticed that incorrectly you have the Albion reinforced/studded armor under the Tailor line instead of Armor. The Mid and Hib reinforced/studded are correct.
While in Hib and Mid, only Armorcrafters can create reinforced armor - in Alb, both Tailors and Armorcrafters can make studded. On an item page for Alb studded you will see "Armorcraft and Tailoring" listed under the Craft line.

Thanks for the notify however, I would much rather a heads up on something possibly incorrect than an assumption is is correct!

From: AndyDecember 19, 2012

Wrong resistant/vul stats, it should be:

Slash: Resistant
Crush: Vulnerable
You are correct, and this has been updated - thank you for the report!
From: danzOctober 30, 2012
Your site rocks! Not only are my Molvik toons better, they look good doing it.
Awesome! Those that know me know for me.. it's all about the pretty :) Have fun in the bg's!
From: SteveSeptember 22, 2012
I just wanted to know that i love your site.
Everything is laid out so nice and has tons of info.

Keep up the great work :)
Thanks much Steve! I'm glad to hear it's handy for ya :)
From: FalandSeptember 06, 2012
A masterful piece of work you have here. I am stunned the amount of work and detail you put into this! I look forward to using it in the near future.
Thank you Faland (nice to see you back in game!) - enjoy the site :)
From: SabarrabSeptember 25, 2011
Was playing with the Mount Calc page, and when entering in for the Heavy Horse Armors, it is calculating incorrectly. To make 1 Heroic Heavy Armor, says it needs 3 molds, 48 leather and 126 arcanite/arcanium... Seems to think I want to make a Heavy Horse Armor on each realm possibly?
Thank you Sabarrab, you are correct - this is in fact a bug and your thoughts are exactly where I found the issue (it was expecting one of each realm). I have corrected this behavior in revision 0178, and the Mount Calc should now be working properly.
From: uxnikkijamess5June 16, 2011
Great webpage yours faithfully Pandora Jax
Not sure if this is spam or not, but I shall pretend it isn't because I rather like what it says (well, and there are no links or spammish words)
From: IouAugust 03, 2010
um one of the pictures you use for sigil stiched cloth arms doesnt show the arms as you are wearing a robe on the front view one :P
hmmm. Well. You're definitely right (referring to Albion sleeves) and after looking at the screen shot, I recall my reasoning for the composition - I decided to do as is for a few reasons:
  • It's standard Aerus cloth, most will know it on sight, they just need a refresher which it graphic it is
  • The back looks like the front for the most part on the sleeves (and the pants for that matter)
  • There is a requirement to balance screen shot size so that:
    • It can be seen clearly, and
    • isn't too large for those running on lower resolutions
    This really requires no more than 2 figures (instead of 3 figures for front/back with vest.. or even 4 so robe back could be seen as well).
If for any reason mythic updates graphics again (new engine like they did w/cata or just new armor graphics), I'll definitely take into consideration other methods to give more views.

Thank you though! I do appreciate comments such as that to re-evaluate and see if something should be changed ;)

From: Andreas MüllerApril 04, 2010
Hi, great site - I have a question: could you send me a database with all the informations? I need the names and the NPC sellback amount. Is this possibly?
Thanks for the compliment, but as I've spent over a year collecting the information (and provide it on the site for any that need it), formatting it into useable form, and coding the site so it can be found - sorry, but no - I really do not want to give away my databases. If you are a coder in need of it for something specific, feel free to contact me on VN w/more information about why it's needed and a link to your program or site it would be used on and I'd be happy to take a looksee :)
From: MattNovember 20, 2009
Any way I can get you to place the Skill Level info you have on the Alchemy stuff to the front page...if I search for all alchemy and could sort by skill level and cost It would help as I level the craft..also with going down soon it would increase traffic to your site... Love the site by the way its done really well
Corresponding with Matt for clarification and have added skill level to the search results page. These columns will be made sortable in a later revision (as this was already the plan, I just had not made it a priority yet - it has simply moved up on the list of planned updates and revisions).

While is going down at its current location, it is not going away, I'll be hosting it permanently as, imo, it's a fabulous site and I would hate to see it go away.

From: LeynaNovember 10, 2009
This site is just awesome! Thank you for all of your hard work.
Thanks Leyna! Appreciate the compliment - the database is nearing completion, then some updates for members (and the order parser) incoming :)
From: bobOctober 15, 2009
i am a all crafts crafter everything is grey is there anything I can help you with to complete your DB for midgard sir? Send me a email if there is anything you need
Replied via email to Bob letting him know what was left (very little these days, yaay!).