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Serenitee's Crafting Search & Order Summary
Script History
Rev. 0213: May 05, 2021
Added cost and sellback information to the crafted search results (thanks for the suggestion Qazzart!) to aid in quick retrieval of price details.
Rev. 0212: March 27, 2021
Order parser updated for alc (tested for Phoenix). Potion, Pot, and Tincture orders are a thing and the parser should take that into consideration. New logic added to add alc to the order parse gathering form (items you first have to pre-craft to combine) for their special items (tears/ash). With this update, the tallies should now be accurate for Alchemists preferring to parse crafting log instead of using the alc calc for the amount due from their customer.

As usual, should you find something off/wrong/erroring unexpectedly, please send in a commend or report. -Thanks!

Rev. 0211: March 27, 2021
The Pheonix Alc Calc (for Phoenix Shard) received a full logic re-write.

The previous version was not taking into consideration the materials for items that used previously crafted items (for instance, the Superior Elixir of Instant Power requires two Strong Draught of Powers plus tears - it would add the tears and ignore the Strong Draught of Powers as they are not purchasable crafting materials.

This means, all materials to make the Strong Draught of Powers to combine into the Instant Pot were not added to the list (nor were the tears for them).

This change from Live format, to Phoenix-specific required new logic, and a full rewrite to accommodate these recipes.

Hopefully these changes have not broken the Live Alc Calc (or other calcs..

Rev. 0210: March 15, 2021
Cloth dyes (for all realms), and Albion level 51 Weaponcraft for Phoenix have been added :)
Rev. 0209: January 05, 2021
Updated alc-calc (live, and phoenix) to properly show all special items needed and their amounts in the final ingredient list (not only the first two).
Rev. 0208: December 13, 2020
More Phoenix updates! All Alchemy effects are now in the database (and Alc Calc updated), as are level 51 Alb Armorcraft (and the tailored forms needed for the chain/plate).

344 Phoenix items in the database.

Rev. 0207: December 06, 2020
All Charges and Reactive Effects (Tinctures) for Phoenix have now been added.

281 Phoenix items now in the database.

Rev. 0206: November 18, 2020
Level 50 and 51 Hib Fletching for Phoenix now in the database.

226 Phoenix items now in the database.

Rev. 0205: November 14, 2020
Mount Calc updated for the new php version. This calc was fully function, but might have tossed a (non-fatal) small error due to a change between php versions. Mount Calc is Live Server specific, as Phoenix does not have CL levels.
Rev. 0204: November 14, 2020
Barding, Horse Armors and all Dye/Enamel and Luster pages have been updated to reflect current linking structure (vs deprecated format) and correction of some alt details.
Rev. 0203: November 13, 2020
Comments and Suggestion area functioning properly again with updated reCAPTCHA!

Any crafters that wish to help add to the database can now send a message via comments as I've been told it's difficult to find me in game on the listed alts.

Rev. 0202: November 13, 2020
Error reporting from item pages is back up!

There is still an issue with the Comments/Suggestions area that will need a bit of a deeper dive, but I expect it to be relatively easy to correct as well now that php and recapthca are updated, and PEAR fully installed.

Rev. 0201: November 13, 2020
Alb level 51 tailoring for Phoenix now in the database & mail functions for the site are nearly resolved (seems I was missing a couple modules - that explains a lot). Comments/Suggestions and Error reports mailing ability will hopefully be functional again this weekend!

215 items in the database for Phoenix.

Rev. 0200: November 11, 2020
Poisons and Magical Poisons added for Phoenix, and alc calc updated to add them as well. All Hib level 51 Tailoring, level 51 Weaponcrafting, and level 51 Armorcrafting (including the liners/forms needed from Tailoring for the Scale armor) are also added.

199 Phoenix items now in the database.

Rev. 0199: November 11, 2020
Still looking for crafters of any realm on Phoenix interested in assisting in data collection for additions. Comments area will soon be active again (within the week is the plan), or find me in game!
Rev. 0198: November 08, 2020
The Live Server alc calc has now been updated. This version was sorely out of date, still linking to pre-path 1.110 Alchemy items, and due to some previous back-end updates long ago, would not properly render results. I was a bit surprised to have not received any error reports on this area, to find that a change in host stopped my report error processes (which I will be delving into as soon as possible).

Both Alc Calc's (Live and Phoenix) are available and should be fully functional!

Rev. 0197: November 08, 2020
All Phoenix potions are now in the database (Buff, Healing, Special). The Phoenix Alc Calc is now live (and will show all Alc items in the database for your calculating needs!).

There are now 152 Phoenix items in the database.

Rev. 0196: October 31, 2020
Comments page / Report an error: a couple of folks have found me in game to report these are down, they are correct. Due to reCAPTCHA (v1) being deprecated, changes in host, and changes in php version, I simply haven't gotten there yet. Some of the pages that use the functions also email me, and that is the last bit to update (new reCAPTCHA is ready to go!). It'll be updated as soon as I can wander back into that direction!
Rev. 0195: October 31, 2020
The Alc Calc for Phoenix is written (or, more specifically, a script to write it for me so I can update for any server that has Alchemy in the database with a simple change of 2 variables and a page refresh), and will go live once the remaining potions and pots are in the database. It will then be updated as tinctures and other alchemy are added.
Rev. 0194: October 31, 2020
Made some updates to the order parser to account for a payment deposit, or materials to use in crafting - simply place the deposit or material monetary (purchase) value as a negative number under added costs with its description. This will work in all three added costs areas.
121 Phoenix items in the database.
Rev. 0193: October 24, 2020
While updating an issue with parsing Phoenix orders, a bug was found in calculating patterns and their add-on cost (in other words, it wasn't doing it). This has now been corrected. For Phoenix this means if you state a charge per Tear or Ash, and items you make have tears or ash, the prices will calculate properly now. For Live, the same, except it would be for Aurulite, Dragonsworn and Perfected patterns.
Rev. 0192: October 23, 2020
There are now 118 items in the database for Phoenix servers.
Rev. 0191: October 18, 2020
Revamped the order parser back-end a bit to make prices more clear. Old orders remain (and should still show for the members that saved the), though some of the previous fields are now deprecated and clearer options in their place. This will cause a bit of oddity if viewing orders from 2019 and earlier - though the overall cost, making information, and notes all remain valid.

I do still need to test a multicraft order (specifically involving alchemy), as well as pattern testing (Phoenix Tears and Ash specifically) before this area is considered updated.

Rev. 0190: October 13, 2020
Phoenix Buff Pots (Elixirs, Potions, and Draughts) are all in the database. On 'the list' is an alc-calc for Phoenix use. Not top priority, but should be in that area soon-ish.
Rev. 0189: October 10, 2020
Busy week! Many adjustments, modifications Phoenix specific, including:
  • Removal of CL usage on item page
  • Class usage adjustment (some classes do not exist on phoenix)
  • Addition of ability to use crafted items as components other crafted items (such as leather armor to create scale/chain, or potions for other potions) - including a link to the crafted ingredient from the items page.
Many other back end tweaks, refinement, and adjusting to make additions as automated as possible (it's still very manual due to the nature of the needed information coming from different locations - not all of which can be delved).

Started adding items, various alchemy as well as some level 51 armors in Hib & Alb (and, in case of Scale, the lvl 48 leather items needed as ingredient).

39 Phoenix crafted items now searchable

Rev. 0188: October 08, 2020
I am happy to say, Phase 1 of adding Phoenix items is complete. Item entry is still quite manual as some things do not lend themselves to parsing from delves (and other things such as recipes don't delve at all) - but the back-end code is in place, and fairly thoroughly tested.

There are now 24 Phoenix items in the database, and while some flags still need to be set (such as in the order parser) - for which server is being used, the bulk of preparations and format is complete.

Looking for crafters willing to log and share those logs!

Rev. 0187: October 05, 2020
Spent the weekend updating the back end for shard crafted revisions (Phoenix, I'm looking at you), and adding the first few items. Each item now shows an icon in the upper right hand side to denote the server (at this time, Phoenix or live) - I will be adding that same visual indicator to the search results listing as well as toggles for specific things (such as order parsing).

Still much to work out, but will soon be looking for Phoenix crafter logs - if you want to assist, simply log a delve to guild/chat/battlgroup of the item and the sellback or appraisal) then find me in game (as the contact form has not yet been updated) or discord!

Rev. 0186: June 08, 2020
It has been a fun few days script cleaning and updating the php version, and I believe the members area is now fully functional. I'll be on watch for 'unintended features' and moving back to the calcs. The Alc and Mount calcs appear be be working as intended/expected (found a couple long time bugs that were never noticed in my testing), and seige is having a few fits. Once usability is restored, I'll be updating the links to post patch versions (eliminating an extra click to get to the item delve), and per request, adding some Phoenix specific pots as well.
Rev. 0185: June 07, 2020
Members pages are re-opened. I 'think' I got all areas updated to PHP 7.4, and some things that had not been working properly now fixed. Moving to the calcs next, and hoping to add some missing items to the database as I obtain the info needed.
Rev. 0184: June 06, 2020
Moved to new host, DNS flipped a short bit ago. During this move, I have also been working on updating to PHP 7.4 - which means some areas are down (or have notices things may be wonky). Work in Progress - I'll keep you posted :)
Rev. 0183: February 03, 2016
Thanks to Carl (not gonna give up the last name!) - it was brought to my attention that there are new items in game with a request to please add them so below are the current revisions:
  • Updated database structure to accept more than two "special items" (such as alchemy drops) in a recipe.
  • Updated some behind the scenes things to allow input, storage and rendering of the new items that did not stick to old style format.
  • Added the new alc potions (6 of them) and their information to the searchable database.
I am slowly working on Pendragon to craft the weapons themselves for addition - real life is kind of a bear, so working as quickly as possible but no firm ETA. Special thanks to Carl for giving me the heads up, patch note links to the updates the additions occurred and answering my questions so I could be brought up to speed. Also to Keetum (of Hibernia) for the loan of the new alchemy drops so that I could perform the crafts on Pendragon.
Rev. 0182: June 15, 2014
Updated Albion arcanium Dragonsworn Gilded Plate Greaves to properly show Legs as the slot used (previously showed Helm). Thanks for the error report anonymous person! (report stated incorrect stat, but the actual error was slot, not stat)
Rev. 0181: December 20, 2012
Corrected native resists for Dragonsworn Ornamented Cailiocht Vest thanks to a report from Andy (Thank you!). Checked all Hib reinforced - amazingly, this is the only armor piece showing incorrect native resists.
Rev. 0180: January 14, 2012
Updated fortified field palintone apparatus per an Error report received today. It appears Mythic does correct crafting prices, sadly nothing noted in the patch notes when they did so. So thank you unnamed DAoC'r for the report so it could be corrected!
Rev. 0179: October 26, 2011
Database has been updated for patch 1.110 to include the 3 new potions, and all revised potions.

As pre-patch potions will not change to the new version, they have been renamed in the database to be a "Pre-Patch 1.110 version of (potion name)".

The Alc Calc has also been updated for new potions.

As usual, if you have any problems or notice any unintended features, find me in game (Maiamae/Kessianne), or submit a Comment.

Rev. 0178: September 26, 2011
Corrected an issue pointed out by Sabarrab (thank you!) wherein using the Mount Calc assumed that if you wished to make one horse armor, you really wanted to make 1 of each realm. This has now been corrected, and will show proper materials and pricing.

I have also updated the link items for the main Mount Calc to use new format instead of old.

Rev. 0177: August 07, 2011
Corrected an issue with the Order Parser when specific characters were in the log stopping the parse of further crafted items and ignoring the remaining log file. Specifically - the parser puked on someone in a message including "<3" (thank you Farrat for once again finding an obscure bug).

This should no longer be an issue.

Rev. 0176: May 11, 2011
Corrected issue in returning class use information for cloaks.
Rev. 0175: May 11, 2011
Corrected an issue that created a mysql error on archer bows (and at times, invalid information on non-archer bow types).
Rev. 0174: May 07, 2011
Version 4.0 is LIVE!

So many upgrades/fixes. The new order parser that allows multiple item selections went live a bit more than a week ago - tweaked a few things in there to correct a couple of issue that were found.

The other &quot;main&quot; change is links to the Item View page (item.php). Previously, links provided a combination of the item name, realm and craft line creating a rather long (and messy) URL. With v4 - this has been changed to a numerical call, ensuring higher accuracy on the server side as well as the typists side. There is a notification if an old link is used via an error page that will provide the new link, a notice of the change and suggestion to update the bookmark.

As usual, should you come across any problems, please contact me in game, or through the comments/suggestions form. Newsletter will soon be going out.

Rev. 0173: April 26, 2011
LOTS of updates. First off, the new order parser went live on Sunday, a bit more testing before I'm willing to call it 'solid', but so far tests are going well.

The new order parser allows for parsing of any item in the database (so, anything other than SC gems used ONLY for sc), and selections of 0 to the max you crafted of each item. This way, if you craft something that should not be placed in the order - you can leave it out, or if you made multiples of something and all are for your customer (hello procs/potions, I'm looking at you). If you'd like to test the new parser - simply use &quot;Testing&quot; as your customer name if saving the order - these will be purged from the database in the near future.

Crafted orders (saved only) are now coming from new tables. This change was made to make queries more efficient with the new parser - and more consistent (had a few 'what was I thinking' moments during the rewrite). On the original parse previously, the crafter view had some information that will now be removed - failures and skillups, but added in is a line by line item of the crafts that only showed after original parse (now will show always with crafter view). Other than updates to speed the customer view page (and to work with the new database table) - there are no differences there.

Error trapping has been updated to utilize database instead of flat file - this allows more specific errors (and organization/updating/me keeping my sanity). I believe all errors are now in the database table - and eventually I will get around to an audit of them to make them even more specific (some have already been updated this way).

Many other small changes have taken place and my list of pending and in progress to-do list just got much smaller. I hope to get the remaining video's up in the coming months.

Rev. 0172: April 24, 2011
Version 3.0 of the order parser went live (yaay, FINALLY!). I expect there will be a few issues in other areas of the site (and possibly some of the in depth portions of the members area). I weighed bringing this live now, or waiting another week while I ironed out everything it effects (you can guess which I chose).

Particular issue: Any errors will likely have server errors written with (or instead of) my own pretty errors. This is a known issue while I change from my previous method of erroring to a new (faster/more detailed and just plain better) method. This should NOT be an issue within order parsing or the members area (just anywhere else lol).

As always, please let me know if you find any problems.

More notes (and more detailed notes) coming soon - and going out in the newsletter once other fixes are in place!

Rev. 0171: February 12, 2011
So... what happens when your redundant hosting plan has multiple failures in the systems? Well, your website goes down. It's been a spotty few days, but all should be well again. The site hasn't gone away (and no plans to), just a few hiccups and now we're back :)
Rev. 0170: January 19, 2011
Corrected a bug (thank you Hersch!) where Albion studded was not showing properly when Armorcraft was selected (only when tailoring was selected or no craft line). Also modified the item page to show Albion Studded is craftable by Tailors and Armor crafters.

This also brought up another issue - some duplicates in the database - which are being cleared (3 hib legendary weapons, and a lot of alb studded).

Rev. 0169: October 17, 2010
Suddenly, this database became too large for my cron to backup and email to me each day, so I have pushed out the remainder of v3.0 except the new order parser (which is still in re-work). This allowed me to remove one of the item tables (at the time there were 3, there are now 2 - one for the order parser with Base-4 crafts, another with everything) and should allow backups to again mail to me.

I have also been preparing the site for for PHP v5.3, as it offers a few new fun toys, and deprecates a few things I have been using. I believe all coding has been updated and I will be &quot;flipping the switch&quot;, so to speak, to PHP v5.3 later this week.

Rev. 0168: October 13, 2010
Corrected pricing on reactive arcanium spirit tincture, and updated the calculators to use the newly organized database tables (vs the old table structure).
Rev. 0167: October 09, 2010
To the anonymous error poster (apparently from/near Arizona, US) for weak essence of lethargy Alchemy:

While your comments were a bit confusing - I was able to determine the true error: the video was not loading (thanks to my recent reorganization /sigh). Your report actually found two issues, the videos not loading and information that is sent to me within an error report being slightly off-kilter. Both are now corrected.

In answer to your question - no, the video is not a video of alchemy creation, but instead of the poison proc going off to show the animation of that particular poison. All poisons and proc's will eventually have these videos. I had taken Fraps with the intent to snag screen shots from them, then realized some have a double animation - and in the heat of the moment, the player may only see 1/2 of it - video seemed the obvious choice so players can see the full animation, without other animations occurring and while not being in the heat of the moment.

Rev. 0166: October 08, 2010
Siege Calc uploaded! This one proved to be a bit rougher than alc/mount calcs due to all apparatus requiring already crafted components. Testing will continue this week, but at this time all seems to be rendering properly with correct amounts!

V3.0 is nearing completion - only a few things left (other than a slew of small fixes). A new order parser for ALL items (not just base 4) is the next large project.

Rev. 0165: October 02, 2010
New 3.0 organization structure for images has been pushed out and database tables uploaded. If you come across any broken images, please report it (you shouldn't, and in fact this change was able to find 2 images that were not loading.. ever... I guess not many folks use rust cloth or enamel dyes (or if they do, they didn't need the full item page).
Rev. 0164: October 01, 2010
Well. Version 3.0 was coming along nicely, about a week from being pushed live - happened to be speaking with Ramzilla and Farrat, prepping them for the upcoming needed BETA testing - when Ram noticed something was wrong with the site. I had pushed live my own personal admin area, but that should not have effected the main site in the least - yet it did. When I looked at the file listing online, suddenly many files (that should've been) weren't there.

So.... long story short - Version 3.0 is (mostly) live. The new order parser is partially re-written (which is part of 3.0 - one of the reasons I wasn't ready to go live) and a few other items. If you run into issues, please send in an error report, comment, or track me down in game/VN/email. tia!

Rev. 0163: September 23, 2010
While I was on vacation, spammers found the error report page - which means I had to disable it temporarily. It has now been updated and hopefully they will go prey on someone else's site. If you notice any problems, well.. let me know :)
Rev. 0162: September 07, 2010
Corrected small issue in search engine where if only levelLow was selected with no levelHigh - it created a MySQL error. Now if levelLow OR levelHigh are selected, but not both or neither, it will return that level item.
Rev. 0161: August 15, 2010
Many revisions going on within the back-end to speed performance and prep for some features (pretty speedy anyway, but it was time for a bit more security as well, so may as well focus a few extra minutes on speed. So far, comments.php and the search have been completely re-written. I will be making my way through the site in preparation of the order parser re-do. If you come upon something strange/odd/or just plain out of wack - please send a comment on it! Thanks :)
Rev. 0160: July 25, 2010
Ok! Ever wonder what a specific proc or poison looks like? Well, the Item page has been prepped to accept small videos embedded in the page for effects (poisons, procs and similar). A couple have videos at this time, but they are drafts just to get things working (and for me to learn the software). Those that have videos will show, within the search, with a little TV icon (similar to the camera icon for all items with pictures). Getting videos created of all the items they will be made for will take a bit of time, but once each is complete, uploading and adding the information to the database is all it will take for them to go live.
Rev. 0159: July 24, 2010
One of the tables in the database had a bit of an issue because (I believe) of a server update. The site went into maintenance mode for about 30 minutes while I dropped all tables, and reloaded the database from last nights dump. If you have parsed an order or signed up for membership between approximately 11:40pm last night and 3:30pm today - it was lost. Please either re-parse for your records or re-sign up.


Rev. 0158: July 24, 2010
The Mount Calc is now live (choose the items you wish to make for your mount, submit the form, and receive your shopping list!).
Rev. 0157: July 22, 2010
Added Horse Armors page which shows pictures of all armors (these have been in the database awhile, but this will make it easier to compare).

Also moved all dyes under a sub menu titled "Dyes, Enamels, and Lusters". Why? Well.. I was running out of room. Next up are the siege & mount item calc's and no, I haven't forgotten about the order parser re-write - I'm just heavily into procrastination atm.

Rev. 0156: July 19, 2010
Upon testing the Alc Calc (which went live today) last night, I found one item (ancient treant wood) that was mispriced in my master listing. This has been corrected, and all items using it have received a price update, it was only 10 Silver off - but.. it was off!

While finding this pricing issue, located other amber (hib) and mithril (alb/mid) items that were between 79 Silver and 1 Gold, 58 Silver off - these have also been corrected.

Rev. 0155: July 19, 2010
The "Alc Calc" is now live. When crafting alchemy (or Gem's for Legendary Weapons), this tool will give you a master shopping list to purchase materials using. Soon there will also be a separate calc for siege and mount items). More additions still incoming..
Rev. 0154: July 16, 2010
Oh boy, revisions. Well, first off you'll likely notice quite a few CSS adjustments (form colorings, buttons changed and similar). What you can not see is cleaning up some code, some pages now loading faster and some upcoming additions - which are in BETA with trusted testers. If all goes well, I have about 20 min left of coding one of them, an hour creating another page (based on the coding from the one in testing - alc's and seigecrafters should love what's coming), and likely another hour for 1 other thing that's been bugging me.

Once the above is complete, I will have to rework the menu's a bit (running out of room up there!) and THEN, back on to the order parser SQUIRREL! (oh.. sorry) rewrite.

Rev. 0153: June 23, 2010
New patch today!

All new poisons have been added. All poisons that have changed (lethal and lifebane) have been updated in the database. Have fun assassins ;)

Rev. 0152: June 02, 2010
Ok, I'll either owe Aaidn kisses or curses. Upon adding cloaks to the database (and index and item view page), seems I broke something on the item view page in reference to potion information (duration, effect, etc). Upon fixing that (in a way that should not have corrected the problem) - I decided to just push up the rewrite of the item view page. While rewriting it, I also found a few other errors effecting armor and valkyrie winged helms (among other things)

Bottom line. The Item View page has been completely re-written and should now show everything properly and completely. If not, please submit an error report :)

Rev. 0151: May 21, 2010
Corrected an issue on the Item View page when copper showed as 100 instead of 0 and adding +1 to Silver (also corrected this potential for Silver).
Rev. 0150: May 21, 2010
Transposed numbers will get (me) you every time. Thank you Aaidn for noticing that carbide metal, mithril metal and amber strips had the wrong pricing - thereby effecting any item created with them. My materials list showed 1.8000 instead of the ACCURATE 1.0080. Stupid decimals.. or dyslexia.. or... well, just stupid. This has been corrected and I've fun a fix costs scripts - all items should be now back on track. Thanks for the error report!
Rev. 0149: May 21, 2010
Good catch for Farrat, he noticed tailored cloaks were not in the db. As these aren't typically used for skill-up, and can not be spellcrafted, I had put them aside for "later". Then promptly forgot all about them. All 18 cloaks (6 for each realm) are now in the database with screen shots!

7,940 items in the database.

Rev. 0148: May 13, 2010
BETA has now been removed, wheeeeeeee!
Rev. 0147: May 13, 2010
Today is a happy day - yes it is. The crafted database is 100% complete (unless I later find a reason we need Spell Crafting in its entirety added). I have (gently) poked Farrat and will be poking a few others to double check and ensure each craft is complete (in other words - double check me, as I've done this myself as well), but if it is one of the included crafts - all items should now be here:
  • Armorcrafting
    • Albion - May 11, 2009
    • Hibernia - May 13, 2009
    • Midgard - July 10, 2009
  • Tailoring
    • Albion - May 22, 2009
    • Hibernia - May 01, 2009
    • Midgard - May 12, 2009
  • Weaponcrafting
    • Albion - July 22, 2009
    • Hibernia - July 11, 2009
    • Midgard - July 30, 2009
  • Fletching
    • Albion - May 12, 2010
    • Hibernia - July 7, 2009
    • Midgard - May 13, 2010
  • Seigecraft - October 23, 2009
  • Alchemy - October 14, 2009
  • Trophy Gems from Spellcrafting - October 6, 2009

Also corrected a few more things on the item page, magical potions were showing up as usable by all (instead of only assassin classes), adjusted some formatting to be more easily read, and some final corrections for thrown weapons to show properly and full information.

There are 7,922 unique items in the database.

Rev. 0146: May 12, 2010
Updated Classes area to show thrown weapon and bolts usage.
Rev. 0145: May 12, 2010
Upon (finally) starting to add arrows/bolts/thrown weapons - an error was found on the item view page which, of course, led to a few more errors being found. These issues have been corrected, and more database entry forthcoming. At this time, Hib Arrows have been added. Alb bolts and arrows will be added, then I will be moving to Mid. I believe that will complete all crafted items - but I will be doing an audit to make sure before saying database entry is complete (soooo close!).
Rev. 0144: May 03, 2010
Seems moving to a bigger server, with fewer people and more resources - well, it borked some things. Specifically - mails sent from the site (comments/error reports/etc). If you sent a comment in the last.. oh... 6 weeks or so. It was received. If, however, you sent an error report - sadly, it was not received. Comments are stored in a database for approval/reply whereas error reports are sent directly to me with no on-server storage. Because of this, if you found an 'oops' and told me about it, I didn't hear you. Please, resend any error reports. In the meantime, I'll just assume everything is perfect and no errors exists *cough*yeahright*cough*.
Rev. 0143: March 08, 2010
Received an error report on "Long Torsion Cables" stating the pricing was incorrect due to Mythic adjustment. As has been the case with all reported errors so far, this report was correct. Seems mythic ninja updated some pricing, not only with long torsion cables - but ALL torsion cables (only long needed adjusting :\ ). Thank you for the report oh anonymous person! Torsion cables (both types) have been updated.
Rev. 0142: February 27, 2010
Cleaned up a few CSS issues and getting ready to upgrade the order parser (those that have been nudging me - don't get too excited, this update is likely going to take me a bit as it requires me to tear apart the current parser - add the new portions - then put it all back together again). Hopefully within a couple weeks it'll be complete and tested and here live.

Some may have noticed a small 'blip' in service this afternoon, this site has been moved to a more substantial hosting plan (less clients on the server, redundancy, etc, etc - quite fancy I assure you). The blip was the dns updates taking place. If you happen to have been adding an order during this time, and do not see it in your members area - send me a notice via comments/suggestions with your crafter name from the order and your username and I'll grab the order off the previous hosting plan for you.

For those that enjoy various statistics, the past 2 months (January and February of 2010), this site has enjoyed over 1,100 unique visitors using 1.3GB of bandwidth (each month!). Not too shabby for a word-of-mouth site that, while it does have images, is text heavy (currently using only 139.59MB of disk space, which includes all the item screenshots, and 6.2MB of MySQL database tables).

And - this was patch 1.101 week, Trifecta rewards now include Legendary Weapon Components (when you win, you get one of each!) and there is a new toy found in Atlantis from one of the glass merchants that provides 1 guaranteed MP if I'm reading it properly (have not yet tested) costing 5,000 Atlantean Glass. The delve states 5% to quality bonus - that to me says guaranteed MP. My Weaponcrafters are giddy.

Rev. 0141: February 09, 2010
Updated Albions' "Sigil Arpeggio Harp" to included the bonus information thanks to anon error report.
Rev. 0140: February 09, 2010
Cleaned up pages where the new background graphic was causing issues (hopefully I got 'em all).
Rev. 0139: February 07, 2010
Added weapon type "Left Hand Usable" to Arcanite Dragonsworn Stiletto thanks to the error report provided on it.
Rev. 0138: January 31, 2010
Corrected an issue on the Item page with Albion leather robes. They were showing (incorrectly) that all leather-wearers could use robes. This has been corrected to show usage for Friar only.

This change is due to a reported error on the Dragonsworn Etched Leather Robes page (thanks for the note anonymous person!) received 27-Jan-2010.

Rev. 0137: January 04, 2010
All Legendary Weapons (Weaponcraft and Fletching) have now been updated. The previous versions are all tagged as such using "Pre-Patch 1.100 version of" as an indicator in the name of the weapon.

Sadly, the mauler staves that sell back for less than 4 Gold have not yet been corrected.

Rev. 0136: January 02, 2010
All post 1.100 patch weaponcrafting Legendary Weapons have now been updated. The previous versions remain in the database with a "Pre-Patch 1.100 version of" addition to their name, for historical purposes and due to the retroactive changes not always being 100% retroactive.

Fletching Legendary Weapons are next up!

Thank you Rufhouse for the assistance on Hib Legendaries (remakes to check the speed changes)!

Rev. 0135: December 20, 2009
Ok, what the below means is - all legendary weapons need to be crafted.. again /cry. If there are any volunteers to assist, please PM me via .Seren. on VN or find me in game - I'd love the assist. As new Legendary Weapons are added to the database, the previous version will be labeled with 'Old'.
Rev. 0134: December 20, 2009
Version 1.100 Release Notes
Dragon Campaign Changes
December 15, 2009

Item Notes

  • Perfected Patterns are purchasable from the Bounty Point Merchants.

Trials of Atlantis World Notes - Item Notes

  • The Legendary Weapon +2 percent damage stat has been increased to +3 percent damage and now works against all enemies. Please note that this and other Legendary Weapon changes may be retroactive for the spell crafted weapons but to get the full benefit of all the changes, a new weapon should be crafted.
  • Legendary Weapons now have a secondary ability that can proc an ablative.
  • The majority of Legendary Weapons have had their weapon speed decreased.
  • All one handed Legendary Weapons in Albion and Hibernia have been made usable in the offhand. All one handed axes in Midgard have been made usable in the offhand.

Hot Fix Notes - 12/17/2009 Legendary Weapons

  • Benthic Great Sword: the DPS for this weapon has been adjusted to match other Legendary Great Swords.
  • Destroying any Legendary Weapon will now result in receiving the primary component used to create the Legendary. Destroying a Lithic Weapon will give you a Dust of Creation for example.
  • Please note that to get the full benefits of a Legendary Weapon, such as the 3% damage bonus, you must fully Spell Craft each of the slots (3 total). After that has been done, you will see all the appropriate bonuses when you /bonuses.
Rev. 0133: November 05, 2009
Hibernia Arrows have been added to the database. While Archers no longer use Arrows, other classes still do - and the information is helpful for any skilling up.
Rev. 0132: October 23, 2009
Siegecraft is now 100% complete!

7,561 Items in the database.

Rev. 0131: October 22, 2009
All ram apparatus and ram components have been added to the database.

7,397 Items in the database!

Rev. 0130: October 15, 2009
Siegecraft has now been started for addition to the database.
Rev. 0129: October 14, 2009
Alchemy is 100% Complete! Yaaay, and wow that was a pain.
Rev. 0128: October 10, 2009
Corrected a rounding bug in pricing that would round up to a 2 copper difference incorrectly under specific circumstances.
Rev. 0127: October 10, 2009
Found 32 items that sell back for more than the cost to create, verified and noted these items. Previously found 9 Legendary Mauler Staves that sell back for far less than other legendaries - Noted these items. Found 4 items that sell back for the same amount of cost to create, verified and noted these items.

These notes are in 8pt font and red text directly under the pricing information on the item page.

Rev. 0126: October 10, 2009
Added in yet more alchemy, all that remains now (I believe) is reactives and regular charges (special charges have already been added previously.

7,150 Items in the database. So far: 536 Plat, 314 Gold, 31 Silver and 26 Copper has been spent adding items to this database (thank God most of that was on Pendragon).

Rev. 0125: October 03, 2009
All costume potions now have screen shots as well. Much thanks to (in no specific order), Ramzilla, Dreamheal, Rufhouse, Stanley, Acerian, Merlyown, and Farrat. A Costume Party was so much more fun than taking screenshots for hours on end by myself ;)
Rev. 0124: October 03, 2009
All dyes have now been added to the database with screen shots. Pages for each dye type have also been created and added to the 2nd menu bar at the top of the page. Much thanks to Stanley for making all the standard dyes!

The database now has 7,095 items.

Rev. 0123: September 24, 2009
Charges have been added to the database, as have Special Potions.
Rev. 0122: September 23, 2009
Regen Potions, Endurance Potions and Healing Potions have now been added to the database. Alchemy should be 100% complete within 1.5 weeks (less if airports are conducive to crafting!).

Database now has 6,946 Items.

Rev. 0121: September 22, 2009
More alchemy items being added near daily. Soon edits to the Order Parser will be made to allow parsing of non-Base4 crafting and the ability to craft more than 1 of each item (as of now, it assumes Base4 crafting and that all attempts but 1 will be sold back to merchant to determine pricing).

This update should be live within 1.5 weeks (or sooner if airplane time is conducive to coding!).

Rev. 0120: September 22, 2009
Thanks to Acerian & Bullmonkey, some aesthetic AND important security issues were found and have now been corrected.
Rev. 0119: September 21, 2009
Added pages for each of the Alchemy dye areas (such as Unique Cloth Dye, Weapon Lusters, etc) to show the various dye colors all at once for those wishing to browse the dyes, and updated the menu at the top of the page separating static information pages from database driven areas.
Rev. 0118: September 19, 2009
Added Dyes to the search function as well as other items which are slowly making their way into the database.

6,837 Items in the database at this time.

Rev. 0117: September 19, 2009
All Unique Dyes and Weapon Lusters added including screen shots.
Rev. 0116: September 17, 2009
Cleaned up some of the CSS and HTML coding. There were a few differing header graphics - now all pages show the proper one for consistency sake.

I'm testing different color options at this time, so far for clarity and a "clean" look as well as ease on the eyes, this sage green seems to be the right one. I would like to have a bit more distinctive and memorable palette, but perhaps folks will just need to remember "greens!".

Rev. 0115: September 06, 2009
Database has been completely restructured to allow for the addition of Alchemy and other "one-off" items (meaning items where quality does not matter). All Barding, saddlebags and Horse Armors have been added, and Alchemy is slowly making its way in.

The order parser is still hooked to the old database - that will be updated in the next week (or two). The search and Item pages are using the new database.

Rev. 0114: August 31, 2009
I am happy to announce this Base4 Database is 100% complete INCLUDING screen shots! Located within this database are all armor and weapons from Tailoring, Armorcrafting, Weaponcrafting and Fletching. What you will not find in this Database (yet anyway) are items you would make "one-offs" of (where quality doesn't matter, such as horse items, arrows, alchemy, spellcrafting gems).

Much thanks to the Crafters that stepped up and helped with the multitude of crafting this database required.

Rev. 0113: August 30, 2009
YAAAAAY!!!!! Let the FanFare begin. Thanks to Stanley, Albion fletching is now 100% done. Screen shots will be forthcoming this week for the remain items, but the base4 database is now complete and has 6,605 items within.
Rev. 0112: August 20, 2009
Performed some minor fixes to the Item page to properly show some weapon information correctly. Also started adding Albion Fletching - so far 106 items are in the database, most with screen shots. The remaining hopefully within the week.

Database now has 6,385 items.

Rev. 0111: August 14, 2009
Added a on-hover pop-up to Order Summary page to explain how to create a chatlog in game. Thank you Tincture for pointing out that not everyone knows how to do that!
Rev. 0110: August 14, 2009
Oodles of updates/revisions today. This is what happens when internet goes out for 5.5 hours (but power remains).

Added 47 class use pages (and one index page, and a lot of graphics) - one for each class in game to show armor, weapon and shield types allowable for each class type (including level it becomes available).

Check out Classes area. These are static pages, but built automatically within the admin area of this site so should an update/change/correction be needed it is simply updating the database & running the script.

Updated the about & privacy statement to place them both in 1 page. No one is likely going to read it anyway - but they are necessary things when contemplating page ranking.

Corrected some information on 12 Mid swords.

Hard coded most of the search form - up until now, most drop down boxes were a distinct pull from the database (resulting in about 11 queries each time the page was loaded). It is now down to two! It will be down to none once fletching has been added for Alb.

Lots of minor updates as well, a bit of coding clean up, a few cosmetic updates, new menu ordering to add in the remaining pages, etc.

Rev. 0109: August 12, 2009
Last week an "Example Order" was added for new members so they can see the storage methods within the members area. These orders were showing on the View Order Information page (and really shouldn't.. as they aren't real orders). This mornings edit is the removal of ExampleOrders from showing on the View Order page.
Rev. 0108: August 12, 2009
Added in class use and CL3 information. There were 2 methods to add class use - list all who "could" use an item (ie: starting with level 1 ability to wear leather up to level 20 ability where they wear chain/scale) or make it level appropriate assuming that folks would not place level 51 armor on a level 5 toon. I realize this is a grand assumption - but I went with the latter. If your toon is level 10 and you are looking at level 10 armor, you will see the options available to you (but if you are level 10 and looking at level 50 armor - you may only see what they will be able to wear. With this revision also comes CL3 usage for shields and weapons. Small shields will show all classes that can use it once they obtain CL3. As will all standard weapons (and for Mid - 2h weapons). Thanks to Farrat for initially suggesting this addition and Criminole for also suggesting it and helping me bounce thoughts around on implementation of it.
Rev. 0107: August 09, 2009
Changed "level" order to 51 through 1 (was 1 through 51) and some form options/methods of using them. Thanks Criminole for the suggestions!
Rev. 0106: August 04, 2009
Midgard Fletching is now 100% Complete. There have also been some minor updates in the Members area to provide an "Example Order" for new members so they can see what parsing their orders creates. This can easily be deleted and then, if no other orders exist, base instructions on how to parse orders.

There are now 6,293 Items in the database.

Rev. 0105: August 02, 2009
Mid Weaponcrafting 100% complete with all pictures. Thank you to those who assisted with the required modeling: Hammer and Kenjigirl.
Rev. 0104: August 01, 2009
Mid weaponcrafting 100% complete (though still needing pictures).

6,136 Items in the database.

Rev. 0103: July 31, 2009
Added a bit more information and user management to the 'new member' page. This entry page should now be more clear to those with no orders yet parsed.
Rev. 0102: July 29, 2009
276 Mid WC items added to database, WC is now more than 1/2-way complete.

5,650 Items now in the database.

Rev. 0101: July 27, 2009
Members can now view past newsletters about Seren's Scripts that have been sent.
Rev. 0100: July 26, 2009
Added level "range" to the database search instead of requiring the exact level. Thank you Deoath for the suggestion!
Rev. 0099: July 25, 2009
Added a column for green bar time into the item database with the intent to have that information available on the Item pages as well. Priority will be any new additions, then slowly add it for the older. As some logs that were parsed to add to this db did not included crafted information and it will mean AGAIN crafting the items - this is not a high priority. For those that have this information it will show, for those that do not, it will not.
Rev. 0098: July 23, 2009
Added some pricing checks and Error trapping in the Order parser to avoid abuse.
Rev. 0097: July 23, 2009
Thanks to a random "order", I have added some more error checking into the Order Summary parse. It will now check for digits instead of characters where needed and if the log returns no successful crafts an error will report.
Rev. 0096: July 23, 2009
Albion Weaponcrafting is now 100% complete including pictures.

Database currently has 5,374 crafted items.

Rev. 0095: July 14, 2009
Alb weaponcrafting complete (though still needs many pictures). 64 base weapons, 192 tinctures, 192 gems all created and combined into 64 legendary weapons, input into database and screen shotted (as well as re-sized) in less than 24 hours makes me a cranky person.

5,374 Items in the database!

Rev. 0094: July 12, 2009
Created email verification to cut down on incorrect emails for Members being added as well as less spam (I don't like spam.... ). Added verification to members join, will be adding to other areas.
Rev. 0093: July 12, 2009
All Hib Weaponcrafting now has pictures. Hib crafting is now 100% complete. Thanks again to Cardi, Farrat, Gyar, and Ramzilla.
Rev. 0092: July 11, 2009
Hib Weaponcrafting is now complete other than pictures, will be adding screen shots for the remaining items that do not have them this weekend. Much thanks to Ramzilla for spending hours and hours on pendragon crafting, logging, selling Hib Weapons (as well as saving them for screen shots)!

5,315 items now in database.

Rev. 0091: July 10, 2009
Added 226 Albion Weaponcrafting items. Alb Weapon crafting now complete other than legendary weapons and pictures!

Database now has 4,879 items.

Rev. 0090: July 09, 2009
Added 352 more Alb Weaponcraft items.

Database now has 4,653 items within.

Rev. 0089: July 06, 2009
Added change password feature to members area.
Rev. 0088: July 05, 2009
Made quite a few small revisions as to layout and intuitiveness - mostly in the customer view and crafter view areas.
Rev. 0087: July 05, 2009
Small note to say, database now has over 4000 entries - database has 4,157 items within.
Rev. 0086: July 05, 2009
Added user management section to members area showing what email was used, whether member has selected to receive mailing list, date joined and a link to update email address or mailing list settings. Ability to change password and verification questions will be added shortly as will modifying orders based on date range or full search (as is currently available under viewing orders by crafter.

Monthly totals (and averages, etc) were added a bit ago - do not recall if it was noted. Also added is a Crafter View page (with a link to modify some order information) - as Crafters receive more information about the orders than the customers will view (actual out of pocket cost, green bar time, etc. This page is now "live" and when clicking a link from your main members page will now default to Crafter View (with a link to customer view). Will update other member areas to also use crafter view shortly.

Rev. 0085: June 28, 2009
Added 62 Hib Weaponcrafting Items and 74 Alb Weaponcrafting items. Slowly but surely getting there.

Database now has 3,999 items.

Rev. 0084: June 28, 2009
Added delete function to the members area to delete unwanted (or duplicate) orders. Modification was previously added.
Rev. 0083: June 27, 2009
Added the ability to modify orders via the "Crafter" listing. Upcoming are modifications using the other members search abilities as well as the ability to delete an order.
Rev. 0082: June 27, 2009
Added help graphics near areas that have on hover instructions. Thank you Deoath for yet another suggestion to help clarify things.
Rev. 0081: June 26, 2009
Corrected an issue with those logging in and choosing not to be remembered in the members area. This was "broken" when the cookie format changed (changed from 3 cookies to one, and the password encrypted within) and was on my clean-up list ever since.
Rev. 0080: June 26, 2009
Corrected some spelling issues, Trimmed some database columns and added some error trapping when incorrect information has been submitted in some forms.

Thank you Deoath for so thoroughly trying to break these scripts and pointing out anything you came upon that could use improvement! More inspired updates forthcoming.

Rev. 0079: June 22, 2009
Added Monthly Totals to the members area (coming soon note now removed). Members should now be able to see a running tally of Highest Order, Lowest Order, Average of Orders, Total Amounts Due and number of Orders based on Monthly, with most recent month on top.
Rev. 0078: June 19, 2009
Added Mailing List function. When becoming a member, users can select to join the mailing list for any script information updates. The added function is administrative only to simplify any future mailings with Database storage of newsletters that will be available within the members area.
Rev. 0077: June 17, 2009
Added pictures for all Albion Dragonsworn Weaponcrafting and Fletching items, as well as Sigil shields.
Rev. 0076: June 16, 2009
Albion Dragonsworn Fletching added to database as well as all Legendary Hand Wraps (alb also).

3,838 items in database

Rev. 0075: June 16, 2009
All Alb Dragonsworn and enhanced weapons/shields added to db.

3,824 items in the database.

Rev. 0074: June 11, 2009
Thanks to power outage (14 hours) and cable outage (25 hours) - more member searches are now available. These have been uploaded and are now Live, with "Monthly Totals" and the ability to modify or delete past orders (partial modification) coming soon.
Rev. 0073: June 10, 2009
Pushed new changes to live - some members area still "coming soon", but 2 searches (no modifications) now available.
Rev. 0072: June 10, 2009
Back from vacation and airport & plane (at least while battery held out) was conducive to a bit of coding. Many small changes:
  • Some additional error trapping (so when a "known" error is made - information is provided on what went wrong).
  • Updated some wording to clarify some instructions
  • Corrected some internal links that were holdovers from previous layout plans that didn't "make the cut"
Also some larger changes within the members area including a search orders via date, part way through searching via Crafter and adding a few other searches as well. Once these searches are complete, will then be adding in the ability to make modifications to past orders. I expect the updates created while on vacation to be pushed live in the next 48 hours - and at least the searches complete by the end of the weekend if not sooner.
Rev. 0071: June 02, 2009
Almost forgot!
3,776 in the database now!
Rev. 0070: June 02, 2009
Mid armorcrafting complete! (needs pictures, but the armor is in there before I head out on vacation).
Rev. 0069: May 31, 2009
Members Area now Open Beta. I expect there are some "unintended features" yet to be found, and there needs to be a bit more error trapping to be 'complete' - let me know what you find in case it is not on my list!
Rev. 0068: May 31, 2009
Order Summary has now been linked with sessions added. Changes will go live once password check and a bit more error trapping has been added.

To those BETA testing - please let me know of any oddities, treading in new water here and would like to correct anything "wierd" asap.

Rev. 0067: May 30, 2009
Added new landing page for members with no orders.
Rev. 0066: May 29, 2009
Changed header graphic to include both areas, this will make it easier as add-ons are done (as it will only be one graphic). Updated (most) pages to reflect new image.
Rev. 0065: May 29, 2009
Membership area is now (messy but) in pre-beta by invite only. This area uses cookie information (with an expiration of 1 year) to move around within the members area as well as provide identifying information (once it is fully linked up) to crafters using the parser. If logged in when you use the parser and chose to Save, the order will become linked under your username for future review/modification/deletion and be within the order stats in members area.
Rev. 0064: May 24, 2009
Users table added to database structure for the members area. This area, once complete, will allow folks to 'join' and tie orders together when using order summary. By tying orders to a username, they will then be able to review their orders and have other information on their crafting easily found. This is an ongoing portion of the coding here and not expected to be in final beta until the end of June (though could be sooner or later).
Rev. 0063: May 24, 2009
Added all Midgard Dragonsworn Weapons, Dragonsworn Shields and Enhanced Shields (Weaponcraft).

3,428 Items in the database.

Rev. 0062: May 23, 2009
Moved the Search to be default page (index) for main area, and the Order Parser to a sub-page. As the search will likely be used more it was the logical choice :)
Rev. 0061: May 23, 2009
Cleaned CSS, removing unused classes and refining those remaining. Cleaned coding to ensure validation (need more of this still - but not much left!).
Rev. 0060: May 23, 2009
Alb tailoring 100% complete including pictures. Thank you Tincture for a day of Pendragon modeling!

3,372 items in the database, 5 crafts 100% complete.

Rev. 0059: May 19, 2009
Added comment form with reCAPTCHA and approval to assist any needing to contact me and/or any wanting to leave suggestions for future updates.
Rev. 0058: May 18, 2009
All Albion Tailoring is now in the Database (much still in need of pictures).

3,234 items in the database.

Rev. 0057: May 17, 2009
392 Albion Tailoring items added (leather and cloth). Alb tailoring only needs leather/cloth Sigil and Dragonsworn at this time. Also needs all Albion tailoring pictures. Database now has 3,177 items.
Rev. 0056: May 15, 2009
Well, that was a severe PITA. I "believe" I have now taken care of all instances where the 10 dress robes of exact same naming (but different recipes and therefore different pricing) were wreaking havoc. At the same time, did a preemptive correction for when Albion Tailoring, studded armor to be specific) is added. Hopefully this addition will not cause confusion as I think I have allowed for it. As always, if you see any issues, please let me know.
Rev. 0055: May 15, 2009
While adding Alb tailoring to the temporary database (where initial parses of crafting logs go for review and adding more information such as recipe prior to final database entry), I came upon 16 Albion items that were named exactly the same as Hibernian counter parts. This raised a small issue - how to handle it. This problem required partial rewrite of 6 scripts, a change in database structure and there is still one more script to update. I \"believe\" it is sorted out, hopefully I thought of everything. On the plus side - dealing with the fact that Alb armorcrafters AND alb tailors can both make studded has already been corrected (as it was going to cause the same problems). On the minus side, Item URLs just got longer (sorry folks).
Rev. 0054: May 13, 2009
Hibernia Armorcrafting 100% complete including pictures! At this time: Hib AC, Hib Tailoring, Mid Tailoring and Alb AC are 100% complete including full pictures. Thank you to Hersch, Gyar and Tincture for modeling armors for me!
Rev. 0053: May 12, 2009
Mid tailoring 100% complete with pictures - wheeee! 2,585 Items now in the database.
Rev. 0052: May 11, 2009
Updated all legendaries in database to also show base weapon.
Rev. 0051: May 11, 2009
Albion Armorcrafting complete! Thank you Hersch for staying up late modeling on Pend to get the pictures done :)

2,584 items in the database now with 2 categories 100% complete including pictures.

Rev. 0050: May 11, 2009
All Albion Plate has been added to the database. Alb Armorcrafting now only needing Chain and Studded Dragonsworn and, of course, more pictures.

2,562 items in the database.

Rev. 0049: May 10, 2009
Mid tailoring complete in the database (other than pictures). Wheeeee! 2,331 items now in the database.
Rev. 0048: May 08, 2009
Mid tailoring now only missing:
  • Most Dragonsworn
  • All Undercity
  • Pictures
Rev. 0047: May 07, 2009
Ran trim script to clean up some of the fields (it would\'ve been smart to have trimmed fields BEFORE entry /sigh). Now when pulling drop downs from db, there should no longer be duplicates of same item.
Rev. 0046: May 07, 2009
Ran a cost update and corrected the cost to make on 65 items.
Rev. 0045: May 07, 2009
Most Midgard Tailoring is now in the Database with the exception of some Rune/Dragonsworn items, Kobold Undercity armor and special hats. Database now has 2,270 crafted items!
Rev. 0044: May 03, 2009
More Pendragon time with Ramzilla providing more crafting equals all Hib Fletching (other than arrows and legendaries now in the database). I have approximately 7 screenshots left to take/crop/add and all Hib Fletching thus far will also have pictures.
Rev. 0043: May 03, 2009
Thanks to Weleda-B and a day on Pendragon, Albion Armorcrafting now has screenshots (even have screenshots for items not yet in the database!!!). This crafting line, I believe, is now only missing plate and Dragonsworn (silly me, I forgot to copy over my manual! Have one now.. a day later...) with the exception of Sigil and Inconnu plate (those are in the database).
Rev. 0042: May 03, 2009
Added in \"Report an Error\" script that will automatically place the item name and offers the ability to have the person notifying receive email confirmation of their report. Added reCAPTCHA to alleviate spam and bot emailings. Link is located on the Item page from the search.
Rev. 0041: May 02, 2009
Remaining Albion Studded added to database (other than DS/Sigil). Database now has 1,753 items!
Rev. 0040: May 02, 2009
Hib: All harps and all enhanced/dragonsworn shields are in the database with pictures.
Rev. 0039: May 01, 2009
Hibernian Tailoring complete. All items for Hib tailoring are in the database with pictures!
Rev. 0038: May 01, 2009
Quick note to say that the database has reached 1,517 items (with 95 pending for review at this time). Wheeeeeeee!
Rev. 0037: April 30, 2009
All Hibernian Legendary Weaponcraft weapons are now in the database (Much thanks to Gyarados-T for crafting 48 legendaries - and not killing me afterwards!). Each of these entries also have pictures!
Rev. 0036: April 29, 2009
Pictures now added for all Hib Tailoring except Dragonsworn leather (which will be added in the next day).
Rev. 0035: April 28, 2009
All Midgard Rune armor (tailoring & armorcrafting) are now in the database other than specialized helms (only a few of those). Each have pictures as well (yaay!). Thank you to Hersch and Mick (Dotdotcurve) for help, modeling and general all around patience :)
Rev. 0034: April 27, 2009
Added an icon to indicate when an image is present within the Search crafted functions. Upon returning a listing of items that match the search criteria, if there is an image for the item on the item delve page - a small camera icon will appear next to the link.
Rev. 0033: April 26, 2009
A large majority of Albion Armorcrafting has been added to the database. I do have a listing of the remaining items and will hope to get them in within the week (we shall see).
Rev. 0032: April 25, 2009
Search function is officially in Beta! Uploaded today and refined. Known issues:
  • Searching for "All Realm Items" will only search items labeled as "all", not any hib/mid/alb items as well.
  • Leaving all options blank will not return everything in database or a defined error - but instead a mysql error.
  • Database seems to have some areas that have a space in the database field (instead of nothing there at all) - still need to find those and correct the issue.
  • A few of the database entries seem to have additional spaces after the content causing multiple line items looking to be same name, but being a character off, ie: "leather" vs "leather ".
Rev. 0031: April 25, 2009
Search function complete with some formatting and error codes still needed. Main search will allow user to revise their search criteria based on 14 different categories (any single one, or combination thereof). Initial search will bring up a listing of the matches per their search terms, each with a link providing full information on that item.
Rev. 0030: April 24, 2009
Over the last 24 hours, adding a "Crafted Search" page to search through all crafted with multiple variables to refine the search. Also added "BonusOtherInfo" field to database for items such as Legendary Weapons which offer various bonuses.

While Search is not yet ready, it is now down to refining formatting and final full information page (to see all details on an item).

Rev. 0029: April 23, 2009
Updated the CSS for the Crafting Summary main page to correct some annoying issues and darken the color wherever there is a "help note".
Rev. 0028: April 21, 2009
Added menu at top of "Main" pages and notes for users on the Order Summary parse page to assist in determining what information/format to place within each field.
Rev. 0027: March 27, 2009
Updated "center" page to include level of item with choices.
Rev. 0026: March 27, 2009
Just a Quick Note to thank my current Beta Testers:
  • Farrat-Pell - My Crafting order tester and finder of all things annoying (apostrophe issues and such) as well as ideas for additions and database entry.
  • Cardi-Pell - Crafter with the patience to log everything in a craft line for addition to the database (442 Hib Armors are thanks to her!).
  • Arokor-Gaheris - Logging Seigecraft currently for database addition, and helping to ensure my instructions are clear.
I\'m sure I will have more to add before this script is anywhere near non-BETA status, but your assistance is greatly appreciated!
Rev. 0025: March 27, 2009
All Hibernian Armor Crafting now added into the Database (wheeeee!). Much thanks to Cardi-Pell for her crafting and logging! Database now has 1,079 crafted items within.
Rev. 0024: March 26, 2009
All hib tailoring now in the database (yaay!). Database now has 637 crafted items within.
Rev. 0023: March 10, 2009
Many small revisions, but most importantly the script should handle apostrophes in Crafter Notes, Log Parse and Added Cost descriptions properly and without error.
Rev. 0022: March 08, 2009
Found some issues with escaping and stripping apostrophes that were not yet corrected - corrected them (I... think...).
Rev. 0021: March 08, 2009
Added selection page when there is more than 1 item pulling from the database based upon the name the crafting log offers. As explained before, when crafting a harp you will get a message similar to: You successfully make the harp! (99) - but a delve or sellback would instead give a material name as well (ie: duskwood harp) which is the true name. This fix will pull all matches for "harp" and provide the ability to chose which one (runewood? duskwood? other?).
Rev. 0020: March 06, 2009
Completely revamped the Order Summary portion of Crafted to take better organize the upcoming revisions. Due to Mythic not providing the full item name during crafting, compared to: when selling or delving, adding a step between the parse and the order summary for the crafter to select the correct item from a list. This will require an additional step for this change and a fair amount of restructuring so now is the time to make things a bit more logical in layout.
Rev. 0019: January 25, 2009
Corrected issue in update where it would only properly add Sellback amount if the delve came first. Now either can be the first item in log (sneaky lacking "else" statement /sigh).
Rev. 0018: January 23, 2009
Added to Update: More weapon choices.
Rev. 0017: January 22, 2009
Revision to Update: added ability to remove an item from the pending (in case no sellback amount is currently available but others in the parse are complete and similar situations).
Rev. 0016: January 21, 2009
Added to Update: Email notification when new items have been parsed for database submission. Email only sends to me (Seren).
Rev. 0015: January 18, 2009
Added protected "Admin" area for database addition/management. Also updated RegEx for a few items and the code surrounding array placement that was effected by new RegEx.
Rev. 0014: January 18, 2009
Uploaded to Kindred Domain full scripts and imported database. Live and officially in selective BETA!
Rev. 0013: January 17, 2009
Updated Crafted Order and Customer View page to include armor information (what type/any bonuses) as well as some formatting and code cleaning.
Rev. 0012: January 17, 2009
Update db form: changed MySQL select to "include" the crafted name array when searching for matches - not verbatim match to correct delves of crafted gear and sellback showing material item name where the actual crafting chatlog lines do not show material name (ie: crystalized Blazed Cailiocht Sleeves).

Update Crafting Order form: Added crafted item bonuses.

Update Crafting Customer View page: Added crafted item bonuses.

Rev. 0011: January 16, 2009
Revised MySQL database to zerofill revision table for proper numbering/formatting of revisions list (this page).
Rev. 0010: January 16, 2009
"Unintended Feature" was found two nights ago and through vigorous testing, confirmed accurate last night. At this time, items must be delved prior to selling back/asking for an Appraisal or sellback cost is not automatically added. Working on the fix for this.

Also updated the review form to be more intuitive for speedy review and database admission.

Rev. 0009: January 10, 2009
Added Error Notices, found parse or array error - source undetermined.
Rev. 0008: January 08, 2009
Update & Review form complete for adding new crafted into the database.
Rev. 0007: January 06, 2009
Update database script is complete - pending serious beta testing. Review form is nearly complete will add call to the database next as well as a function to calculate cost.
Rev. 0006: January 04, 2009
Worked on pre-review of Update page - ensuring only one of each item within crafted log is submitted to Temporary storage pre-review. Changed structure removing review to a separate page. This will allow logs to be delved and folks to move on, only allowing Review from those detail oriented to ensure accuracy. Adding master database check to ensure an item is not already located in the db - if it is, then it will not be added to temp or reviewed for entry. Upon submission of logs, script will return a 'Ready to Review' page, listing those already in db, and asking if user is ready to Review/Complete "new" items.
Rev. 0005: January 04, 2009
Refined Crafted array and merged with Sellback array to place in temporary storage. Form now pulls from Temporary Database instead of directly from the Arrays in case of accidental closing of browser. Will be adding a check to ensure it is not a duplicate entry (and warning to user that it was there if so) next, and refining form. Once complete, Beta testing will begin.
Rev. 0004: December 31, 2008
Adding forms (and back-end coding) to update the database primarily from logs - both of crafting and delves. This will require only manual addition of recipe totals and speed database item entry to those that are detail oriented and want to assist. Let the headaches begin!
Rev. 0003: December 24, 2008
Started work on a standard db search - based on Keyword or item traits.
Rev. 0002: December 15, 2008
Created form to search database for crafted items.
Rev. 0001: August 12, 2008
Added 4 columns to main database, Type2, Speed (Weapon Speed), DPS, and DamType (Damage Type). Thank you Kel for thinking of adding that information and adding it (as well as providing all lvl 51 hib weapons for the db!), I hadn't yet gotten around to fully thinking about weapons.
v2.0 BETA officially uploaded: August 12, 2008
Prior updates have been purged from this listing as they were "Work In Progress" formatting and many changes of the utility this script (and database it works from) has and will become.